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      At first, Please include a link to our clip art index at so that other people can come and get their own copies.

      Please do not copy anything from this site to put into another 'free clip art collection'. If you want to let others know about our free graphics, please just give them link to

      Clip art is used in many ways and for many purposes on Web sites. When clip art is used to enhance your Web page and to illustrate your idea it creates an inviting and interesting source of information or entertainment.

      Save the clip art to your computer then upload it to your own web server. Do not hotlink.

      How to copy an image to your local hard drive
      To save it to your local computer, right mouse click the image (if you're using a PC) or hold the CTRL key and click the image (on a Mac) for options, and select Save Picture As... (or Save Image As...). Then just save the picture to a location on your hard drive.

      How to incorporate clip art into Microsoft Word or office software After you have saved the image file to your local hard drive, open Microsoft Word. Within Microsoft Word, left mouse click on "Insert" button and select Picture. Find the saved clipart file on your hard drive. Clicking "Okay" will insert the picture into your document. Also, You can incorporate the clip art into other applications by pasting the image into the document from your temporary clip board.

      Choosing a concept A best illustration is much more than mere decoration. At a minimum, it should grab attention and draw your reader into the text. At its good, it will express something words can't.
      More interesting and less common are images that illustrate ideas as the act of giving the gift. These images are more interesting because they contribute meaning to your message, and they are less common because they are more difficult to conceive and are useful in fewer situations.

      If you want to edit the clip art in some way on your computer, you will need a graphics program that can read end edit .gif and .jpg files, like microsoft paint (included in the windows) or Adobe Photoshop.

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